A trip through Morocco is a rediscovery of the senses and soul which has always been enchanting travellers bringing them back for more self-discovery. Ancient medieval medinas steeped in perfumes and odours with sumptuous palaces are not only found in the 1001 Nights tales. Mere villages, constructed in the oasis from mud and stones, perched on the edge of the desert or the mountains, never fails to arouse ones curiosity and adventurous spirit.

There exists numerous choices between cultural and wildlife tours and vacations in a vast and diverse country that historically has always been a crossroads between multiple civilizations. Due to its geographical position, climate and generous hospitality, Morocco is an ideal year round destination. Visitors are enchanted especially in spring and autumn when the lights and colours are at their peak. Harmattan is specialized in organizing tailor-made tours in Morocco for small and large groups. You will live with us a unique trip experience to discover the most hidden places of this magical country!  

Morocco’s geoclimatic formation created a country of different worlds. The cradle of Berber culture is the Atlas, with its three magnificent mountain ranges slope to the south-east valley rivers generating palm groves, fortified villages built with clay that mark the beginning of the immense desert of the Sahara. To the north-west of the Atlas the fertile plains are overlooking the ocean with its Imperial Cities and their ancient medinas full of relics as proof of previous eras and dynasties following one another over the centuries. The country is bordered by the Mediterranean coast to the north by the gentle hills of the Rif, and thousands of miles of Atlantic coastline to the south-west, mainly wild and deserted.



Marrakech has daily connections to major European cities and behind the Atlas Mountains and Ouarzazate it is a one day travel to the beginning of the Sahara.
Large palm trees exist above the magnificent golden dunes of the Erg. Jbel and cliffs, tiny oasis and remote villages where time seems to stand still. The desert is presented in all its extraordinary variety of shapes and sizes under a sun that shines over 300 days a year.
Tailor made travels for small and large groups.


Immerse yourself into the imperial city rich of history and tradition, visit their ancient medinas with miles of streets flooded by the scent of herbs and spices, unchanged by the hearts of modern cities that continue to pulsate to the rhythms of the past, discover the history and treasures within enclosed buildings within miles of fortified walls of earth.
From Rabat to Meknes and Fez, through the Roman ruins of Volubilis to Marrakech, the red Berber capital and its square Jemaa El Fna, the symbol and heart of the magical city.
Tailor-made journey to discover classic Moroccan culture and art.


For trips to the south, to take advantage of low cost air carriers, the departure and return to Marrakech are arranged on demand. Harmattan does not provide air tickets; we calibrate the journey according to incoming flights to maximize your available time.
We will inform you on custom programs and itineraries, costs of services, type of adequate transportation, accommodation and facilities we provide, obviously according to availability or to your needs.