Due to the different skills of the founders of Harmattan, in Morocco since the mid ‘90 there also offers serious service organization for the realization of commercial and documentary films.

A complete service for film production in Morocco: from location scouting to facilitating the necessary permits, providing technical equipment, experienced technical crews and of course managing transports and accommodations.

Even here the local knowledge and the experienced management allow offering appropriate assistance for film productions in difficult location and regions where no infrastructure exists.
In fact, our camps organized ad hoc allow us to dose in a balanced comfort with the uniqueness of the surrounding space.

In addition to the link (below) to see some films produced and coproduced through us, we would like to announce that in Morocco in recent years there has been a great evolution. The technical material has been updated, various types of helicopters are now available and also camera equipment no longer has to be brought in from abroad.
Recently model agencies do propose talents not only with North African but also caucasion facial features.